Tincy + Martin Engagement

Engagements, November 28,2012

A lovely beach engagement in Dublin…

A polka dot dress, a colour blocking man, a Claddagh ring, even better – an engagement ring, all set in Dublin on the beach. *drool* …and lots and lots and lots of laughs.

Tincy and Martin (who live in Vancouver – Martin is Irish) decided to get married in Dromoland Castle in Ireland (post to follow) and a few days prior I met them for the first time and we got a little session before the wedding in. The best cuddlers that existed….

Just a little outtake while I asked Tincy to let me test the light…


Who doesn’t love some canoodling, Blogstalkers?



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  1. Vicki November 28,2012

    Oh my goodness! Light to die for! What a stunning couple and session! Love your photography as always :-)

  2. Heather November 28,2012

    Gorgeous photos, what a photographic couple!

  3. Christina Brosnan November 29,2012

    Sunshine! Beautiful couple and session Amanda!

  4. Greg January 04,2013

    Beautiful as always!!!

  5. Sarah Fyffe September 05,2013

    Beautiful photographs. Love the out take!

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  7. Josh October 05,2014

    They look pretty together. Perfectly fits for the place!

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