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Fun, misc., March 06,2012

Hundreds + Thousands (another one by Katie).

Hello, Hello Blogstalkers!

Check out a little video I made from an impromptu candy* inspired shoot we did last week. Tara, the model, grew so fond of her sugar glazed eyebrows she left them intact all night and almost considered sporting them to a party (with real people, in a public environment). We managed to restrain her but lets just say the sugar has certainly gone to her head, but damn she does look so sweeet!

Much like my modelling career (which was short lived) I am also a film rookie and this was my very first attempt at filming and editing, so cast not your judgmental eyes! If I said that camera shake is a new trend that I read about in a highfalutin movie magazine, would you believe me? Well you should, trust me, it’s all the rage.

*I would like to add I feel very uncomfortable referring to sugary confectionary as ‘candy’ – in Ireland we call them ‘sweets’ but you know…it’s all the same amazingly flavoured crap at the end of the day really isn’t it?

A big shout out to ‘the team’ for making this possible, thanks team, you’re the best.

Photographer: Amanda

Model: Tara Walsh

Stylists: Amanda, Tara, Katie (that’s not someone else that’s just me referring to myself in the 3rd person – it’s important to thank yourself sometimes)

Hair/Make-Up: Tara, Amanda

Film + Editing – Yours truly!

Okay ’til next time :)

K x

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  1. Naomi Mooney March 06,2012

    Loved that – so colourful. Tara Hazel – you look FAB!

  2. Ben March 06,2012

    Good work you two. It looks like you have a lot of fun with these.

  3. Conor March 07,2012

    Great work guys. The editing is spot on… Love it

  4. Becky March 08,2012

    Katser! Great work. I quit FB so hit me up with your grown up email.
    Much love from Vancouver

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