1 village at lyons entrance wedding

Karen + Paul

Weddings, February 20,2012

In true drizzly-gray Irish fashion, married on the same grounds as Cecelia Ahern (the author of P.S. I love you for my American friends) was Karen + Paul’s lovely affair.

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Amazeballs! ♥

Fun, misc., Personal, February 14,2012

Hello lovahs! I promise we’ll be returning with some pretty photos to post soon, but for now some embarrassment for Valentine’s Day. This is an open Valentine to my oh so charming and handsome William. …And an eloquent ode to the great and uh, interesting people of Ireland here. (Special thanks to Katie for perfecting my accent.) […]

Whiplash Survivor Story

Fun, Personal, January 31,2012

As promised….The trials and tribulations of my shoot with Amanda. An ILLUSTRATED whiplash survivor story. Get yo techno on right here!

cover ravi elizabeth engagement

Elizabeth + Ravi

Engagements, January 19,2012

Blogstalkers, I’ve been bad. This is a reoccurring issue isn’t it? My inability to get my sh*t together with blogging is just bad form and not very endearing. I know. I get a shiny new site from Flosites and what do I do? Ignore it. So, here’s my plead:
(And meet Elizabeth + Ravi!)

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Hear ye, hear ye!

Personal, December 15,2011

Greetings Blogstalkers! I know what you’re thinking – you’re not Amanda, where is Amanda, what have you done with Amanda? Amanda is on sabbatical and has taken a strong fascination with the after-life and is now a part-time paranormal investigator AKA a ghost hunter.

so happy i could die


Personal, October 21,2011

The NEW amandawilcher.com Full post to come soon… All my love blogstalkers, -A  

indianapolis morning


Personal, August 16,2011

Indianapolis early morning. Even when I’m in the States I don’t often get a chance to go to the place where it all started. And somehow when you leave you see new perspectives on things that were everyday. I’ve never seen a lovelier view of Indianapolis. Fresh, foggy, almost chilly summer morning before the sun […]

Screen shot 2012-02-28 at 14.05.43

Jennifer + Adam

Engagements, August 02,2011

BFF. That’s not the description of the two of them. (Well…okay that might fit them as well.) Rather, I’m talking about wanting them to adopt me. Sometimes you just know when you’re in love. In love with them to clarify. See, Jenny is exactly like…ME. Wait…that sound slightly narcissistic. That’s not exactly what I meant, […]

Screen shot 2012-02-28 at 14.04.10

Melissa + Luke (Chicago)

Engagements, July 28,2011

I love hate to tell you I didn’t pose these beauties, rather just pointed them where to be. Superbly authentic. Chemistry like this doesn’t come around often. Lucky birds. Actually, the birds in this posts were the lucky ones…and no, I didn’t plan this sentence. I love symmetry! (And by the by – one of […]

Screen shot 2012-02-28 at 14.09.42

I was on a boat.

Personal, June 28,2011

After learning the hard way from standing up in a rickety boat (and no, I didn’t sing it), garnering some new battle wounds, nearly losing a few lenses to the Pacific from said boat expedition, and some laughs along the way I made my way here. I had been eyeing this spot for an opportunity […]