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Enda + Aoife

Weddings, July 19,2012

Enda + Aoife. A rainy day love affair at Ballymaloe House in Ireland.

So as usual in Ireland, (and it seems like for the last 10 weddings here) it was a rainy one. ONE DAY IT MIGHT BE SUNNY. DEAR GOD PLEASE.

I digress. Anyway, the lovely Aoife got ready at her parent’s house (which is tradition in Ireland) and I must tell you – everything about this lovely bride screamed a Walt Disney princess. In the literal way. As if Walt himself sketched her by hand.

Back to the rain – Aoife and Enda were bound and determined to get a photo or two on the beach – even if the conditions weren’t ahem…”sunny”. (Regardless if she was in Jimmy Choo’s in the sand, and it was raining and turned my umbrella inside out because of the wind. You know, no problem.) I, from that moment forward admired the will of these two and how much they cared about me being able to get photos! Needlesstosay, we couldn’t spend too much time outdoors as it wasn’t just drizzling but full out pouring but we did manage to sneak in a few moments of them and they got to enjoy the day regardless of rain or shine…which is how it should be. :) And the decor these two put together. Oh my! Cherry blossom tree right in the middle of the reception room? Take a look:

(Ballymaloe House)


None of you realise how hard it was raining on the beach, Blogstalkers.




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  1. Jessika Feltz July 19,2012

    I hadn’t been to your blog in a while Amanda, but I’m glad I visited for this one. Just beautiful!! She was a gorgeous bride and I love the lighting at the reception! Wonderful work! I am glad that you are enjoying being overseas!

  2. Christina Brosnan July 23,2012

    How did I manage to miss this post! Super just like you described it Amanda! Love those tree centerpieces!

  3. Mickey Smith August 06,2012

    wow love the colors and the happy faces.

  4. Caitlin Sullivan August 14,2012

    Gorgeous, Amanda! Such a beautiful couple!

  5. Cathy and David August 16,2012

    GORGEOUS! Love the umbrella shots on the beach! :D

  6. Roberta Cotter October 05,2012

    Oh my goodness, fab! Just love the cherry blossoms in the dining hall

  7. Laura Murray January 30,2013

    Beauty-full!!!!! My fav is that shoe shot with the painting!

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