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Personal, June 07,2012

A Parisienne weekend getaway…

Howdy blogstalkers! This ‘lil weekend getaway was nearly a year ago by now, but what’s ever kept me from blogging things in order…or ever? Ha! Some of my very best memories of my life were in these photos. (Especially our sunset cycle in the Tuileries gardens Best non-planned memory of my life maybe.)  Also, this was the first chance I got to teach William how to use my camera. (You’ve no idea how handy a bicycle is as a tripod!) I must say I’m partial, but he did well. (He even artfully captured my signage of “this is how you use the camera!”) By the way, I didn’t know where we were going until I got to the airport, and let me tell you the rest of the travelers at the airport knew at the same time I found out…thanks honey! :)

Lastly, some footage Miss Katie put together: (Be warned, this was the first time I ever tried to film and I even accidentally shot a frame vertically. Gasp!! : http://gizmodo.com/5915888/an-important-psa-on-why-you-should-never-shoot-videos-vertically )



Groses bises Blogstalkers,


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  1. Gail June 07,2012

    AHHH LOVE these Amanda! Favorite city in the world! And can’t believe that was your first time shooting video with your camera! (Are you Canon?) I’ve been too intimidated to try shooting video yet but found that all so inspirational! Beautiful tribute to your trip!

  2. Amanda June 07,2012

    Thanks Gail! Yes, I’m Canon – I think I’ve always left video to filmmakers, but I secretly love it. :)

  3. Christina Brosnan June 08,2012

    Could you two be any cuter? You’re making me ooze with jealousy. My heart aches to go back to Paris and your photos are superb!

  4. Claire { mrs2be } June 25,2012

    Paris is my favourite city. I haven’t been there in 10 years, and seeing your pictures just makes me want to go back! I’ve been promising to take my husband there for ages. Must really book something.

    Looks like you had a really fun trip.

  5. Caitlin Sullivan July 02,2012

    How happy are these? LOVED Paris! Thanks for taking me back ;) ps you’re pretty.

  6. Sona July 09,2012

    Ooooh I loooove the third one! You’re so cute there:)) Sweet….

  7. Frances Redmond May 13,2014

    Paris really is the city of love and these images are amazing

  8. Jean Byrne May 13,2014

    These pictures really make me want to return to paris which i have not seen since my honeymoon

  9. Reanne Doyle May 13,2014

    Wow really love the video at the end

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